Mist Collectors

Airecon Mist Collectors can be found in manufacturing facilities across the continent and overseas. We have proudly mitigated mist issues creating a safer, cleaning working environment for the customers we serve. From 3,000 CFM to 28,000 CFM our service friendly units are customized to meet your goals. Higher volumes can be achieved thru a battery multiple units.

  • Mists from machining operations or other sources of aerosol emissions are efficiently removed from the airstream.
  • Mist-free air can be recirculated to work areas, reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • Collected liquids can be re-used.
  • Low maintenance design allows continuous operation without shutdowns for draining or frequent filter replacement.
  • No confined space permits required.

Our Mist Collector Models

Airecon's "Single Station" (SS/SSH Series) Mist Collectors are designed for use with a single machine or small mist source requiring 500 to 1,000 CFM of exhaust volume. The larger units (SR/SRH & DR/DRH Series) consist of single or multiple cells with capacities of 2,000 to 24,000 CFM.

If you have a particularly difficult or unusual requirement, let us know. We are more than willing to work with you on special requirements. Airecon also offers test units to be installed for pilot projects.


Coalescing Stage: Smaller droplets are forced to combine with others, creating larger easy-to-collect droplets.
Primary Filter: High density, washable,metal mesh filters remove all but very small droplets.
Final Filter: High efficiency, envelope-type fiberglass filters collect even sub-micron droplets.
Hepa Filter: Optional


Construction: Sturdy, all welded steel housings allow a variety of mounting arrangements. SR/DR Series Units are 12-gauge construction; S/S Series Units are 14-gauge.

Access Doors: Large and easy to open for ease of filter replacement and maintenance. Heavy duty hardware and gaskets provide leak proof integrity.

Roll-Out Filter Support Rack: *An Airecon exclusive, this feature allows the filters to be replaced without the need to reach over or around the dirty and wet filters. The filter support system prevents filter lifting or collapsing a common occurrence with some mist collectors.

*Refers to our patented roll-out filter support.

Instrumentation: Large, easy-to-read differential pressure gauges allow instant evaluation of filter loading.

Exhaust Fan: Heavy duty, quiet, and efficient industrial fans are used to provide the necessary air volumes and pressures. Fans can be an integral part of the mist collector, or can be remotely located.

Compact Design: The space saving, efficient design allows the installation of Airecon Mist Collectors in locations too small for comparable competitive units.

Collection Efficiency: Laboratory tests using a water based coolant have shown that 90-95% of 0.5 micron droplets and over 99.9% of droplets over 3.0 microns are captured with Airecon Mist Collectors. Collection efficiencies may vary for specific applications depending upon mist type, temperature, inlet loading etc.

Filter Life: Six month to two year intervals between filter cleaning/replacements are typical for Airecon Mist Collectors used to collect mists produced from free flowing, particulate-free liquids.

Options: Custom features allow "tailoring for specific applications" – motor starters and controls, corrosion resistant coatings, fan outlet silencers, and service platforms.


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