Industrial Ventilation Systems

With over 3,500 projects completed, Airecon has the resume to design, fabricate, and install your industrial ventilation or air pollution control system. Whether it is building pressurization, conditioned supply air, or emission control, we can provide the solution.

Custom Solutions for Your Industrial Ventilation System

Differentiation: While our competition offers only a part of the solution, we can offer a turnkey system. We design, fabricate, and install all of the components, supports, and equipment – saving the customer thousands in mark-ups and paperwork.

Our designs are industry tested and proved. Not only do we follow the required and suggested practices of OSHA, SMACNA, ACGIH, and NFPA, we also apply Airecon experience to customize your solution. Here are a few examples:

  • Process Mist Control: Machine connections, duct, and mist collectors
  • Process Dust/Fume Control: Hooding, duct, and control devices including cyclones, bag-houses, and scrubbers
  • Air Moving Systems: Supply and exhaust fans
  • Supply Air Systems: Air handlers, conditioned air, return air, diffusers
  • Hooding: Canopy, side-draft, articulating, custom hoods
  • Duct: Heavy gauge and light gauge, round and rectangular, fittings, elbows, transitions
  • Stacks: Self-supporting, No-loss, weather caps
  • Dampers: Butterfly (wafer), cut-off, half cut-off, blast gate

And many more! Contact an Airecon expert to solve your industrial ventilation needs.


Industrial Ventilation SystemsIndustrial Ventilation

Industrial Ventilation Systems

Industrial Ventilation

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