Fabric Filter Collectors

Airecon Fabric Filter Collectors have earned the reputation of being well designed, well crafted, and customized to meet specific demands. Volumes range from 3,000 CFM to 50,000 CFM and collection efficiencies over 99%. These units are typically used as product receivers.

These collectors are typically designed to collect particulates, as product receivers, or on severe applications where the gas stream may be moisture laden, sticky, and hot. They can be constructed of various alloys with interior welds ground smooth or polished to food grade standards.

Product collectors are often designed for quick product changes, with features that allow unobstructed access to the interior for cleaning and fast/easy changing of the filter elements. Most product changes are less than 1 hour!

Fabric Filter Collector Parts and Accesscories


The Filter Elements may be pleated cartridges or fabric bags and cages, pulsed cleaned with totally shop assembled pulse systems. Individual blow tubes, valves, and no-loss blast nozzles allow very efficient cleaning at lower pressures (60-80 PSIG).


Optional accessories include split housing for quick filter changes, hinged tops, access doors, inlet transitions, outlet fittings, storage or surge hoppers, rotary airlock feeders, structural supports, and external insulation.

Applications for Fabric Filter Collectors

These units are highly specialized and customized for their intended industrial duty. Typical applications are as product receivers for Jet Mills and other Grinders, Spray Dryers, Loop Dryers, Flash Dryers, Fluid Bed Dryers, and virtually any such process having a high grain loading, high moisture content, and high temperatures.


Fabric Filter Collectors

Fabric Filter Collectors

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