Scrap Collection

Airecon specializes in the design, fabrication, and implementation of process scrap collection, transport, and processing systems. Most notably, our designs can be found in the paper, metals, and plastics markets.

Paper: Airecon trim systems capture and convey paper and cardboard trim from process equipment to product receivers/hoppers. This service is offered to our many publishing, bindery, and manufacturing customers.

Metals: The non-ferrous and light metals industry has relied on Airecon’s expertise for the capture, transport, and processing of machining chips generated by primary and secondary manufacturing firms. We are widely accepted as the industry standard for aluminum ingot scalping, aerospace and automotive machining, UBC processing and recycling chip scrap collection and processing.

Plastics: The recycling of plastic and rubber has been successfully achieved by Airecon’s unique systems. Grinding, washing, and sorting of scrap plastics and rubber have led to profitable systems and products.


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Dust Collection

Ductwork System Design

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