Collection Cyclones

Airecon Cyclones are offered in four models that cover a wide range of collecting applications and are available in sizes to handle from 400 CFM to 32,000 CFM and efficiencies from 90% to 99%+. Higher volumes can be achieved thru a battery multiple units. Cyclones are welded steel construction from 18 gauge to 10 gauge wall thickness. Construction in heavier gauges or special alloys is also available.

Optional accessories include access doors, inlet transitions, outlet fittings, storage or surge hoppers, rotary airlock feeders, structural supports, internal abrasion lining, and external insulation.

Cyclone Models

Model T4/1 Low Energy

Ideal for handling very high material rates and low bulk density materials such as paper trim, corrugated waste etc. Low energy requirements and moderate collecting efficiency down to 10 micron particle size make this Cyclone a versatile workhorse.

Model T3/1 General Purpose

Most efficient for handling materials having a low bulk density at moderate loading rates. Ideal as a wood shop dust collector. When followed by an after filter exhaust air can be returned to work area.

Model T2/1 High Efficiency

Highest efficiency model, attaining very high collecting efficiency when operated at a pressure drop of 6.0 in. W.G. and higher.

Model HCS Horizontal Centrifugal Separator

Model HCS Horizontal Centrifugal Separator - Compact low energy, moderate efficiency centrifugal collector and classifier. This collector is ideal as a primary collector when handling highly abrasive or bulky materials. Wear liners and bottom hoppers are common options.


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