Air Control Filtering Scrubbers

Airecon Spin-Flo Scrubbers are tailored to meet your most challenging air control demands. With extremely high filtering efficiencies and unique design, our scrubbers help eliminate dust, mist, and fume problems with lower energy costs. Volumes range from 3,000 CFM to 50,000 CFM and collection efficiencies over 99%.

These units are highly specialized, customized, and industrial duty. Airecon is unique in our ability to apply our own technologies or select those from other manufactures as required. We are willing and able to provide our customers the best option for their application.

Scrubber Models

Airecon can design a system best suited for your application using one or more of our scrubber technologies including:

  • Packed Tower
  • Multi-Throat Venturi
  • Spray Tower
  • Centrifugal/Cyclonic
  • Impaction


Optional accessories include access doors, inlet transitions, outlet fittings, structural supports, and external insulation. Construction is typically carbon steel, stainless steels, or other corrosive resistant alloys.

It’s not just the scrubber we design, build, and install; Airecon includes the water system including piping, pumps, tanks, and treatments.


When fitted with our Multi-Throat Venturi Inlet, Spin-Flo Scrubbers can achieve collecting efficiencies higher than 99% for very fine particulates, at pressure drops below 20” wg.

When fitted with our Packed Tower, Spin-Flo Scrubbers are used in adsorption applications such as SO2 Scrubbing very successfully.


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